Synergy Learning Institute

PRICE: $2,995.00

This certificate is a 3 course series for obtaining an Executive Leadership Certificate. In these 3 courses you will learn about leadership strategy and stakeholder alignment. This is the organizational capacity to understand what is really happening and what is needed, to craft high-leverage strategies, establish crucial goals and a smart, dynamic plan, and to enroll key stakeholders in the vision and plan. This course teaches you exactly what you need to do to accelerate leadership and elevate performance in your team/organization through better strategy, more effective planning and greater stakeholder commitment.

You will also learn about your capability to set your employees up for success, to be motivating, level-up your communication skills, create a more conducive environment and cultivate high-performance teamwork. You will learn exactly how to set people up for success and establish healthy culture, including what it really takes to keep people motivated. You will also level up your communication and teamwork.

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will increase their ability to understand what is really happening and what is needed
  • Students will learn the best ways to evaluate challenges and opportunities in the current environment
  • Students will level-up their strategic thinking skills for themselves and also with their team
  • Students will learn the best ways to prioritize opportunities and strategic objectives for their specific organization 
  • Students will level up their team’s skill to set goals, design strategies, and build out strategic plans
  • Students will learn best practices for enrolling key stakeholders into their plan for maximum cooperation and commitment

Belhaven University PLA Credits Assessed: 6 total, 2 credits per course (3 course certification program)

*Please note, there is a maximum number of PLA credits that may be applied to a degree program at Belhaven University.  Refer to their website for the latest on PLA policies.