University of Applied Research & Development (UARD)

PRICE: $600

During this course students will learn to identify risks to an organizations cyber environment; differentiate cyber risks of a large organization from those of a small company, clinic, or Small Office / Home Office (SOHO); identify specific laws and acts both foreign and domestic related to business continuity; and develop an appropriate Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity (DR/BC) implementation plan.

The learning outcomes for the module are as follows:

  1. Analyze policies, concepts, and procedures of recovery.
  2. Develop a disaster recovery plan.
  3. Research best practices for recovering from a disaster.

Key Topics

  • Terminology
  • Stages and resources
  • Threat, vulnerabilities and hazards
  • Types of threats
  • Hazards identification and review
  • Crisis Mapping, Needs Assessment, and Other Tools for Managing Relief

Course Duration

22-38 hours with the ability to start/stop/return at any time.

Recommended Participants

This course is for:

  • first responders,
  • active service military,
  • emergency managers and
  • veterans

Take this course to understand the theory behind their practice and increase their professional capacity when responding to a major emergency. This course is also aimed at personnel who form part of the Emergency Response organization.

Belhaven University PLA Credits Assessed: 1

*Please note, there is a maximum number of PLA credits that may be applied to a degree program at Belhaven University.  Refer to their website for the latest on PLA policies.