Viewing Category: Professional Development

Community Vulnerability & Resilience

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to: explain and contrast the concept of urban resilience and vulnerability; understand links and interactions between urban development, disaster risk and governance processes; assess the impact of disasters on changes in governance and urbanization; analyse the place of social capital, community, and government institutions in disaster response; apply learning from the course to design and evaluate proposals for enhancing societal resilience to crises.

PRICE: $600

Disaster Risk Communication

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to describe the Communication Planning Process; undertake a situational, audience and channel analyses; develop communication objectives for specific audiences in a given scenario/ disaster/ emergency; formulate appropriate messages for specific audiences; and conceptualize appropriate Risk Communication Material.

PRICE: $600

Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction

During this course students will learn to identify risks to an organizations cyber environment; differentiate cyber risks of a large organization from those of a small company, clinic, or Small Office / Home Office (SOHO); identify specific laws and acts both foreign and domestic related to business continuity; and develop an appropriate Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity (DR/BC) implementation plan.

PRICE: $600

Research Methodologies

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of research design; know why educational research is undertaken, and the audiences that profit from research studies; Identify the overall process of designing a research study from its inception to its report; and present an analysis of ethical issues in educational research, including those issues that arise in using quantitative and qualitative research.

PRICE: $600

Social Issues in Disaster Management

During this course students will learn to recognize and integrate the issues of gender, class, ethnicity and race into disaster management planning.

PRICE: $600

Strategic Management

Using the latest case studies and recent research, supervisors and leaders will actively plan their strategic goals, identify roles & responsibilities, develop stress-management plans for team members and pre-plan their crisis & emergency philosophy & reporting – including media liaison and social media.

PRICE: $600

Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change

During this course students will learn to understand the basics of how global warming is affecting extreme events and increasing vulnerability to hazards.

PRICE: $600

Digital Marketing Certification Program

In this Digital Marketing certification course, you will master the core concepts, coupled with various tools and technologies, in Digital Marketing. These concepts include SEO auditing, pay per click, web analytics, social media strategy and planning, mobile advertising, content creation and marketing, elements of email marketing, Digital Marketing strategy, etc.

PRICE: 614.00

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

You were meant to be a leader. Now the question is how do you become one? The answer lies in the 21st century’s most vital skill, emotional intelligence. Learn to lead and succeed with emotional intelligence through this transformative and innovative leadership journey, brought to you by field pioneers, E.I. Games.

PRICE: $129.00

Pitch and Persuade

Succeeding in business depends on your ability to convince people to follow you, to buy your ideas, your vision and yes even your product. This course is all about winning with Emotional Intelligence.

PRICE: $129.00